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Part Two

 The Pressing Problem

This section look at how economic injustice occurs (both intentionally and unintentionally) and the responses it provokes in those affected. The first chapter looks at unintentionally created injustice such as when poor decisions are made because of lack of information or misunderstanding. Some of these poor corporate decisions are having a huge impact in developing nations. The second chapter looks at the more sinister side of world trade – the black market, the underground economy, the unregulated economy and the various criminal aspects of trade. The staggering size of the areas of international trade that are beyond government control and the reach of law will amaze you.

The third chapter in this section will deal with the process of radicalization and how economic injustice causes people to go down the cycle we will call “the 4 R’s” – Resolve, Resent, Reject, Revenge”. Finally we will look at how this is producing an “equal and opposite reaction” and take a detailed look at how ordinary Muslims are becoming radicalized and turning to terrorism.

This section will call on data from economics and current affairs and will place it squarely in a biblical framework.

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