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Our ebooks can be read in any web browser - no special software needed. They take between 1-3 minutes to download and contain about 20 high quality bible teaching articles.
What The Bible Says About Sex Beyond Denominations Urban Ministry How To Become A Christian The Market, The Kingdom And The Terrorists
Biblical EQ (how to manage emotions)

General articles

Natural Disasters: Can We Explain Them?
The Asian tsunami raises questions about the justice of God and the need for an explanation of natural disasters, this article debunks ten common explanations and provides a more satisfactory biblical explanation.

Has Science Gone Too Far With Cloning?
The cloning of an adult sheep has raised questions about human cloning which may be a possibility in the near future. This article takes a scriptural look at the ethical problems with human cloning and concludes that it is like the Tower of Babel - a proud human technological attempt to enter God's domain.

Are The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit For Today? by Clare G. Weakley

A compelling argument for the relevance of spiritual gifts to today's Christians.

Are There Apostles Today?
The answer is both Yes and No. Four categories of apostles are discussed and the conclusion is reached that one category has ceased while the others continue in operation today.

Mary - Co-redemptrix?
A look at what the Bible says about Mary.

False Miracles In The End Times
There are at least seven warnings about "false miracles" and "lying signs and wonders" that will be a "great deception". This article digs into the Scriptures to find what this could be like and how the Christian should react to signs and wonders today.

The Holiness of God
Takes us for a tour of this majestic attribute of God.

The Spirit and The Word
Poses a few questions about the relationship between these two interacting parts of God's creative power.

Law And Grace
A sermon on Law and Grace by Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

Pharisees, Saints and Evangelicals
Rowland Croucher examines evangelicalism in the light of the biblical distinction between pharisees and saints.

An Easter devotional by Rowland Croucher.

What Is Eternity?
Eternity is exciting, find out what it means to be "beyond time".

Working Out What The Bible Says About: The Church and The Government
A look at seven different biblical ways of responding to one's government. Above all we must respond "in Christ", from the Spirit and never "in the flesh".

The Evangelization Of Whole Communities
Is "group salvation" (as well as individual salvation) a biblical concept? Some suggestions on how to evangelize our cities, nations and the world.

The False Philosophy of Evolution by Random Chance and Natural Selection
The book of Colossians tells us why atheistic evolution must be considered a "false teaching".

Its disappearing from our churches. Here's how to find it again.

Oaths, Vows and Pledges
A look at Jesus' teaching on the making of oaths, vows and pledges and how they are forbidden for Christians.

Why The Bible Never Commands Us To: Have A Good Relationship
A highly provocative article on our Christian responsibility for our relationships.

Predestination and Free Will
A devotional followed by a reader's response captures the essence of the issue of predestination and free will.

The Mind of God
Rodney Brydon examines how God thinks, how we should think, and how we can know some things that God knows.

Why We Should Trust God's Divine Processes of Discipleship
A contrast between natural and artificial discipleship processes which highlights the need for community, the Holy Spirit and suffering in producing mature disciples.

7 Funding Structures For The Kingdom of God

Looks at 7 different ways funds are raised for Kingdom work, and also at some ways that are clearly unethical, and concludes with how we should select the right funding approach that will suit our ministry.PDF file.

New Creation Leadership Applied To Biblical Funding Structures In Ministry
Looks at how leadership should operate in the Kingdom of God and applies this to the area of the biblical handling of finances.

What is Truth?
Why I Believe That There Is Such a Thing As Absolute Truth.

Redemption Series - Focuses On The Person and Work of Jesus Christ

The Kingdom of God And Salvation
How entering the Kingdom of God and "being saved" are the same and what this means for our understanding of what it means to be a believer and how we become a Christian.

The Cross In Colossians
The cross is central to the Christian faith. This article looks at the two references to the cross in Colossians. The cosmic all-reconciling cross (1 :19,20) which is the basis for mission and the cross of Satan's defeat (2:13-15) which gives us confidence in living.

The Incarnation

The consequences for us of God becoming man in Christ Jesus.

The Childhood and Early Years of Jesus
These verses have a lot more in them than you first may think.

The Baptism of Jesus
When the power of God sent our Messiah forth.

Jesus and The Bible
How Jesus used the Scriptures - and why.

Jesus and The Law
Did Jesus abolish the Law?

John 1 - 11, The Savior is Revealed
A careful exposition of the first eleven chapters of John's gospel.

Introduction To The Sermon On The Mount
Pulls together some of the major themes in Jesus' remarkable sermon.

The Poor In Spirit
Tackles the mysterious first beatitude. "Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of God".

Gateway of the Aching Heart
The second beatitude "Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted." Good fruit flows from grieving with God

Hungering and Thirsting For Righteousness

Looks at Jesus saying "Blessed are those that hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled".

Blessed Are The Merciful
Looks at Jesus saying "Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy".

The Pure In Heart
Looks at Jesus saying "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God".

Blessed Are The Peacemakers
Looks at Jesus saying "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God".

Blessed Are The Persecuted
Looks at Jesus saying "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake".

You Are The Salt Of The Earth

Looks at Jesus saying "You Are The Salt of The Earth" and its implications for daily witness and family life.

You Are The Light Of The World

Looks at Jesus saying "You Are The Light Of The World".

The Healing Ministry of Jesus
What the Bible says about how and why Jesus healed people. Asks "how did Jesus view sickness?". Powerful.

Who Is "The Inner Man"? And What Is He Like? (Part One
Christ in us the hope of glory. A long article by John Edmiston, split into two parts. Part One establishes what it means to be born of God and dead to sin.

Who Is "The Inner Man"? And What Is He Like? (Part Two)

Part Two of the above article looks at what helps and hinders the maturing of Christ in us. (Please read Part One first!)

Demons Defeated
A comprehensive look at spiritual warfare.

Dead Men Walking
Jesus is the resurrection and the life. By Peter Currie