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About John Edmiston

john and minda edmistonGlobalChristians.Org webmaster is John Edmiston a missionary bible teacher who has been in full-time ministry using computers since 1991. (click here for full bio)

John is the President of GlobalChristians.Org which offers free online church-planting courses and Bible and ministry training to grass-roots pastors in Asia, Africa and South America.

John is involved in establishing self-supporting evangelistic Internet cafes in these nations -using donated recycled computers. John also runs Cybermissions.Org to promote the use of the Internet in evangelism and missions. John also lectures in Internet Evangelism and Cybermissions.

John appreciates people praying for him and produces a weekly prayer bulletin about his ministry. You can subscribe by clicking on the link: sign up form.

John is married to his wife and best friend Minda (who is a botanist), and they live in Virginia with their cats Zelda, Zorro, Scamper, Biscuit, Gracie, Blessing, Micah, Sarah, and Phoebe.