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Books And Articles On Prayer And Spiritual Warfare

Prayer 101
A free online course that includes 24 life-changing Bible studies on prayer that you can download.

How To Pray For The Lost
How to effectively pray for the salvation of your friends and family.

Practical Prayer Evangelism
How to pray for the lost in your church, home church or bible study group and really see people saved.

How To Deal With Curses, Hexes And Spells
A biblical approach on how to deal with spiritual attack by cursing and witchcraft.

"Praying The Price of Revival"
A revolutionary article by Dr. Stuart Robinson that gives a panoramic view of the history and biblical basis of revival in response to prayer. It will tear your heart out and inspire you to fervent prayer.

Have You Ever Thought of Fasting?
Fasting has a good biblical pedigree but has been lost to the church today. Find out its biblical basis and how to go about it.

How To Hear God When You Pray
Conversing with God - and learning the distinct clear Voice of God's guidance...."for my sheep KNOW MY VOICE.."

Creative Spirituality: Prayer - Relating to God
Prayer is friendship with God. by Rowland Croucher

How To Be An Intercessor
Pleading with God for others is hard work for the heart (and the knees).

How To Make Your Own Psalm To God
Follow in the footsteps of David and discover how to "pour out your heart to God".

The Wise Habit of Saying Grace
The Bible tells us nine times that Jesus gave thanks for His food - including at the Last Supper and the feeding of the five thousand. "Grace" was a vital part of life in the early church and can be an exciting part of your home life as well.

What It Means To "Pray In The Spirit"

Often an area of controversy. This article examines what the Bible means by being "in the Spirit" and "praying in the Spirit".

Anointed to Pray

What does the anointing do? Who has it? Why do we need it? A youth camp bible study.

"Spiritual Warfare For The Totally Afraid"

A basic Bible study on spiritual warfare with some suggestions on putting it into practice in your local community.

Spiritual Direction
What is a "spiritual director"? How can you find one? By Rowland Croucher

Relationship with God
How to have a good relationship with God.


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