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Articles on Evangelism & Revival

"How To Become A Christian"
Shares a clear outline of the gospel.
Ten follow-up lessons on Christian basics for new believers.
Response and enquiry form.
Bibles available for download.

27 Metaphors To A Grasp of Happiness
A short ebook in pdf format that explores 27 metaphors that will help you to grasp how to be happy in life with a joy that is from God. Very well written.

"Praying The Price of Revival"
A revolutionary article by Dr. Stuart Robinson that gives a panoramic view of the history and biblical basis of revival in response to prayer. It will tear your heart out and inspire you to fervent prayer.

The Evangelization Of Whole Communities
Is "group salvation" (as well as individual salvation) a biblical concept? Some suggestions on how to evangelize our cities, nations and the world.

Web Evangelism Guide (many pages)
A comprehensive guide on how to effectively evangelize on the Internet.

The Baptism of Jesus
When the power of God sent our Messiah forth.

The Healing Ministry of Jesus
What the Bible says about how and why Jesus healed people. Asks "how did Jesus view sickness?". Powerful.

The Broken Heart of Australia Look at the spiritual heart of Australia in the light of Isaiah 40-66. Charts a possible path for revival.

The Kingdom of God And Salvation
How entering the Kingdom of God and "being saved" are the same and what this means for our understanding of what it means to be a believer and how we become a Christian.

Time Travel And Concert Ticket Sales
What would happen to rock concert ticket sales if there was time travel? Could we all go to Woodstock? And how is Jesus coming to earth at Christmas an example of time-travel? An interesting view of the gospel at Christmas.

Little Faith, Big Faith and Participating Faith
The five things that cause us to be "ye of little faith". Five more that produce "great faith" and a call to reach beyond even "great faith" to a faith that consciously participates in the plans, purposes and intentions of God.

Are The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit For Today? by Clare G. Weakley
A compelling argument for the relevance of spiritual gifts to today's Christians.

Are There Apostles Today?
The answer is both Yes and No. Four categories of apostles are discussed and the conclusion is reached that one category has ceased while the others continue in operation today.

False Miracles In The End Times
There are at least seven warnings about "false miracles" and "lying signs and wonders" that will be a "great deception". This article digs into the Scriptures to find what this could be like and how the Christian should react to signs and wonders today.

Knowing The Difference Between God and The Devil
How can we tell whether spiritual manifestations, voices etc are of God or Satan? This presentation was originally given as an in-service to a group of psychiatrists. A helpful diagnostic tool.

The Toronto Blessing
Andrew Strom from the New Zealand Revival Bulletin gives us his cautious evaluation of this movement.

"Cool Christianity"
Andrew Strom tries to draw a line between being relevant and being worldly. Perhaps worldliness is creeping in - disguised as "being cool".

Faith Laughs At Impossibilities
A powerful sermon by Leonard Ravenhill the famous revivalist.

Tommy Hicks End-Time Vision
A stunning vision given to American preacher Tommy Hicks (who was a major figure in the powerful 1954 Argentina Revival).

The Holiness of God
Takes us for a tour of this majestic attribute of God.

The Spirit and The Word
Poses a few questions about the relationship between these two interacting parts of God's creative power.

Have You Ever Thought of Fasting?
Fasting has a good biblical pedigree but has been largely lost to the church today. Find out its biblical basis and how to go about it.

How To Evaluate A Revival
Examines the difference between true and false revival.