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These lectures were first taught as a bible class in the evenings service of Pacific Baptist Church in El Segundo, California.

They aim to introduce believers to basic sound theology and generally avoid controversial topics.

They are mildly charismatic "Bapticostal" as some would say!

Each PowerPoint can be covered in 60-90 minutes though you may want to take a bit longer on some topics or split one into two weeks.


Law vs Gospel (PDF)

Prayer For Spiritual Cleansing (PDF)

Principles Of The Faith

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A 14 lecture series on the basic principles of the Christian faith designed for average church members seeking to have a better foundation for their faith.

No complicated theological language is used and if some terms are used, they are explained immediately in the presentation.

Each lecture has a PowerPoint and also a PDF of the slides. The PDf has 4 slides per page and is easier to print out as a handout for students.

The formatting is simple and straightforward so you can print them out in black and white.

Page numbers refer to Wayne Grudem's book Systematic Theology which was used when this course was taught at a small bible college. This text is useful but not 100% necessary for a church bible class. However the teacher may want to have access to a copy of Grudem.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me (John Edmiston)

Lectures: PowerPoint & PDF

Lecture 1 - The Word of God

PDF Handout Lecture 1

Lecture 2 - The Nature of God

PDF Handout Lecture 2

Lecture 3 - The Incommunicable Attributes

PDF Handout Lecture 3

Lecture 4 - The Communicable Attributes

PDF Handout Lecture 4

Lecture 5 - The Trinity

PDF Handout Lecture 5

Lecture 6 - Creation

PDF Handout Lecture 6

Lecture 7 - The Spiritual Realms

PDF Handout Lecture 7

Lecture 8 - Angels and Demons

PDF Handout Lecture 8

Lecture 9 - HumanKind, Sin, Covenants

PDF Handout Lecture 9

Lecture 10 - The Person of Christ

PDF Handout Lecture 10

Lecture 11 - Atonement, Resurrection, Ascension

PDF Handout Lecture 11

Lecture 12 - Offices of Christ, The Holy Spirit

PDF Handout Lecture 12

Lecture 13 - From Sinner To Saint

PDF Handout Lecture 13

Lecture 14 - Life of Faith, Death, Glorification

PDF Handout Lecture 14