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AIBI Assessment Center

Here you will find out how to take final exams, submit assignments and study profitably at the AIBI.

All formal assessment is now being done in the extension campuses / church-based bible colleges. So DO NOT send in your assessment directly to the AIBI. Your exam or assignment will be marked by your pastor or study group leader. See the AIBI College Handbook for information about the awarding of certificates and diplomas. Course materials and tests can be found on the AIBI Course Material CD (see below).

Harvestime Courses have exams. They are multiple choice and True/False.
You will mark the answers as a,b,c or d on the special answer sheet that you can download and which is included on the CD.
Your pastor/leader will then mark the test and send the results into the AIBI.

Download the Final Harvestime Exams:

as a Word document
as a HTML file
as zipped HTML (130KB)
as pdf

these files contain ALL the exams for the Harvestime modules.

Answer Sheets
Where possible use the Exam Answer Sheet (doc , 13K)
OR pdf answer sheet (pdf 46K)

Certificate Courses have assignments.

  • Most assignments are 1500-2000 words.

  • The assignment topics are listed on their respective subject pages.

  • For help on how to do assignments click here.

  • Your pastor/leader will then mark the test and send the results into the AIBI.

  • The AIBI uses the Harvard referencing system for footnotes and bibliographies.

  • Always put your name, your contact details, the subject, and the assignment topic on the front page of your assignments

Essays and assignments should:

  1. Be on topic – that is they should deal with the set topic for that subject.

  2. At least 1500-2000 words in length. Longer is OK, shorter is not.

  3. They should indicate that the student has read, absorbed and understood the course material

  4. They should be logical and well-written

  5. They should be neatly presented

  6. They should not be “preachy”, devotional or an expression of mere personal opinions, rather they should show thought and study has taken place.

  7. They should include bible references and references to the reading material, properly footnoted. This external web page (not on the AIBI website) http://www.tvu.ac.uk/lrs/guides/harvard.html has a good presentation of the Harvard referencing system.